Life’s better when you’re in good company.

Here’s just some of what our folks are saying.

(Our doctors’ names are not displayed to protect their privacy.)

“Moving to Australia has been a long and complicated process, one that would have been impossible without Sze-Zin.

Not only was he able to guide and assist with each and every step, he was able to work through the unavoidable hiccups and bumps along the way.

He was always responsive to any concerns I had, always reachable, and without a doubt, able to get things done.

I recommend him without reservation and will personally continue to work with him as my career continues to evolve. Many thanks for everything he has done, and continues to do.

I will undoubtedly need your assistance in the future and look forward to our continuing collaboration.”

– Registrar / Senior Medical Officer in Emergency Medicine

Move to Australia as IMG on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing
Find help with getting work as doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing

“As an IMG trying to find a position as a Dr in Australia, it has been a long and frustrating experience.

Luckily I was fortunate to receive the help of Sze-Zin Lo. I was able to secure a position which has been fantastic.

I highly recommend Sze-Zin and Sterling Healthcare Resourcing to anyone looking for a position in the health care profession.

Thank you for everything.”


– Registrar in General and Internal Medicine

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for Mr. Sze-Zin Lo and his company Sterling Healthcare Resourcing for their assistance in finding a suitable job for me here in Melbourne.

What I appreciated the most about working with Sze-Zin and his team was their ability to work with you from the very start until the end.

They would also encourage you most of the time to not give up until the expected outcome is achieved. Best of luck.”


– Registrar in Paediatrics

Finding work as doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing
Recruitment agency for doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing

“I can’t recommend highly enough Sze-Zin Lo and Sterling Healthcare Resourcing.

Sze-Zin has been my locum agent for several years now. He is meticulous, thoughtful and incredibly efficient.

He takes the sting out of all the paperwork associated with arranging a locum. He is also there if there are any problems during the locum or in being paid afterwards.

I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

– Consultant in Anesthetics

“I would like thank you for helping me secure a job.

You have been most professional and efficient throughout the recruitment process especially with medical registration, visa application, travel arrangements and Medicare application.

I would give you a 5-star rating and recommend you highly to anyone looking for a Medical career.”


– Registrar in General Medicine

The most professional and efficient recruitment process for doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing
Settle down in Australia smoothly as doctors on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing

“I would like to thank Sze-Zin Lo for his help in job hunting. It seemed that he simply dropped all he had to do in order to find me my next job.

He made what could have been a very stressful and rigorous process very relaxed and efficient.

Furthermore, his help has not been constrained to get me a job offer, but he has been taking care of everything related to settle down in Australia smoothly.

I moved to Australia from middle east with a secure job and I would recommend him for any job hunting you may need.”

– Consultant in General Medicine

“Sterling Healthcare Resourcing is very well organised agency which provides great locum work all across Australia.

I had great experience in finding a locum work with a great pay in areas I requested and Sze-Zin was quite helpful throughout the process of finishing up locum jobs.

I definitely recommend this agency to anyone interested and feel well supported.”


– HMO in General & Internal Medicine

Find locum work as doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing
The most professional and honest agency for doctors in Australia on Sterling Healthcare Resourcing

“Though it is true that there are monetary benefits with locuming, there is still the yearning to be appreciated and respected as a person and as a doctor.

I have felt all of those with Sterling. Sze-Zin sees to it that my needs as a locum are met.

I have worked with three other agencies in the past and no one can compare with Sze-Zin’s professionalism and honesty.

This is why 5 years on, I still locum for Sterling.”


– CMO in Emergency Medicine



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