What to do after passing AMC MCQ part 1 exam?

What to do after passing AMC MCQ part 1 exam?

“What should you do after you pass Australian Medical Council examination to work in Australia?”

The Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams consist of two parts: part 1 is a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) and part 2 a clinical assessment or workplace based assessment. Doctors on the standard pathway will need to pass AMC MCQ part 1 as a starting point before applying for a job in Australia. Once you’ve passed your Australian Medical Council multiple choice questionnaire exam (AMC MCQ part 1), these are the two things you’ll need to do next.

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First, you should continue to work and progress with your training, at the same time apply for a position in Australia. Your clinical experience will strengthen your application. It would be beneficial if you’re able to find out what the highly demanded specialties are in Australia at the time and try to gain experience in those specialties you’re applying for. Flying into Australia to look for a position by taking a long break from your current clinical practice and medical training is not recommended. Being physically present in Australia will not increase your chances much of landing a position.

Second, you’ll need to meet AHPRA’s English proficiency requirement. Take your english proficiency exam(s) and keep it current, english proficiency exams have expiration dates. You’ll need to keep it current with a minimum six months prior to expiration. You’ll need a valid score to make job applications, gain medical registration, and start the visa application. Certain online portals will not allow your job applications to progress without meeting the english proficiency requirement. Visit Australia’s medical registration board AHPRA for the latest English proficiency requirements for medical practitioners.

Once you’ve completed your internship, AMC MCQ part 1, and acceptable english proficiency, this does give you the bare essentials to apply for jobs in Australia. Your chances will improve as you continue to gain clinical experience from your current training. It’s highly competitive for IMGs applying to Australia through the standard pathway. There are many variables that are involved in hiring an IMG (foreign medical practitioner). Check out the related topics and our services on how to improve your chances as an IMG.As of the time of this writeup the AMC MCQ part 1 does not expire. So if you’re even thinking of moving to Australia in the future, it’s a good idea to take this exam now in case the AMC decides to change the rules later. We recommend you to visit AHPRA to learn about the pathways for IMGs.

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