What kind of job an IMG can get in Australia after passing the AMC exams and working one year under supervision?

What kind of job an IMG can get in Australia after passing the AMC exams and working one year under supervision?

This is a common question coming from international medical graduates (IMGs). After passing the AMC exams, you’re eligible to apply for non-specialist positions. The Australian Medical Council (AMC) exams consist of two parts: part 1 is a multiple choice questionnaire (MCQ) and part 2 a clinical assessment or workplace based assessment. Doctors on the standard pathway will need to pass AMC MCQ part 1 at the very least in order to start applying for a job in Australia.

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The general rule of thumb during your job search and application process is to include jobs that are more junior than what you’re qualified for. For example, if you’re currently working as a mid level registrar in Emergency Medicine, also apply for Junior medical officer jobs. For new doctors with little clinical experience, you’ll most likely fall into the Resident Medical Officer RMO / Junior Medical Officer JMO / Hospital Medical Officer HMO category. These are not internship roles, internships are done the year prior you become an RMO / JMO / HMO. You will need to have completed your internship before you’re eligible to apply for a position in Australia, the chances of an IMG getting an internship position in Australia is very slim.

What kind of job you’re able to apply for will be determined on your clinical experience and qualifications. You can apply for any position that you find inline with your experience. Jobs can be both accredited and non-accredited depending on what is being advertised at the time. Depending on the current applicant pool, it’s up to the hospital to assess their requirement and ability to hire IMGs for each particular role. Applicants with citizenship, permanent residency and long stay visa with full work rights will generally be preferred over those that require employer sponsorship.

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