What is a doctor’s salary in Australia?

What is a doctor’s salary in Australia?

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The pay figures below is a general guide we use during our consultations with our doctors for permanent positions with a public hospital. The figures are based off a pay schedule from Queensland Health. Pay Packages vary between different states and health networks. The “Salary Estimate” is based on a standard 40-hour workweek, excluding professional development allowance, superannuation, overtime and additional loading. Examples of loading may include items such as attraction and retention allowance, motor vehicle allowance, and living away from home allowance. Depending on where the position is, the additional benefits can add an additional 15 to 60% of your base salary. Your final pay package will be determined upon a successful job offer. 

Salary Estimate:

Salary Range*General level of Classification*Post Graduate Year
$75,000 to $98,000Intern / RMO / SRMO / JMO / HMO / MO1 – 3
$113,000 to $132,000Jr Registrar / Registrar / HMO / PHO / CMO4+
$145,000 to $160,000Sr Registrar / SMO / CMO9+
$165,000 to $257,000SMO / Specialists / Senior Staff Specialists

*It’s important to understand that your level of classification and post graduate year may not be in sequence with the year you’ve completed your primary medical degree. Determination of your current classification may include: IMG assessment, career break, change in specialty, performance, and position availability are examples that may cause you to remain at a certain level.


MO – Medical Officer

RMO – Resident Medical Officer

SRMO – Senior Resident Medical Officer

JMO – Junior Medical Officer

PHO – Principal House Officer

HMO – House Medical Officer

CMO – Career Medical Officer

VMO – Visiting Medical Officer

SMO – Senior Medical Officer

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