$ 750.00

Save time and avoid common mistakes. In three private phone consultation sessions, get a comprehensive, step-by-step guidance for your career move to Australia as an IMG, including BONUS done-for-you CV optimisation service.



Three (3) 40-minute phone consultation sessions with Sze-Zin Lo as the Founder and Primary Consultant for Sterling Healthcare Resourcing, where we will hold your hand through the entire process of preparing for your move to Australia as an IMG. This package includes a BONUS CV Optimisation service ($300 value).

What you get:

1. Comprehensive guidance covering all topics related to your move to Australia as an IMG:

  • Am I eligible to work in Australia?
  • What are my chances of securing employment in Australia: current job market and how to effectively search and apply for jobs?
  • Which of the IMG pathways set forth by the Medical Board of Australia should I apply for, and how do I go about the application process? (Many international doctors, especially Specialists, apply for a pathway that is not the most efficient way to start their career in Australia.)
  • How to best prepare my application package (CV, cover letter, reference reports, and answering Selection Criteria questions) to increase my chances of securing a job interview?
  • How do I use the materials provided by AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency)?
  • How do I prepare for the different paperwork required by employers (hospitals), AHPRA, and the health authority of each state in Australia?
  • What is the Medicare provider number and how does it work?
  • What can I expect in the first 12-18 months of employment as a doctor in Australia
  • What issues can I expect during my transition process and how do I mitigate these risks to ensure my transition is as smooth as possible?
  • What are my options for advancing my career and earning potential in Australia: training opportunities, locum contracts, etc.
  • I’ve got a job offer: what do I need to prepare for settling down and starting life in Australia (accommodation, car, insurance, banking, taxes, etc.)
  • How do I go about applying for my visa to relocate to Australia? (Get access to our migration partner for professional migration advice.)

2. Personalised, step-by-step action plan on how to advance your career in the shortest possible time

  • Gain your General or Specialist AHPRA registration AS FAST AS POSSIBLE
  • Gain your specialist recognition in Australia in your first 18 months (if applicable)
  • Meet your specific professional and personal goals (e.g. family relocation, accommodation, car, insurance, etc.)

3. Done-for-you CV optimisation service

  • We will go through every detail in your CV to make sure it is optimised for what Australian employers look for and is not missing critical details.

4. Call summary with detailed, step-by-step action plan designed for you


Before you purchase:

  • This consultation does not guarantee that you will secure a position in Australia. Securing a position depends on many factors such as pool of applicants, job market conditions, your skills, qualifications and experience, as well as employer ability to provide supervision for IMG. Our role is to help you stand the best chance at meeting your career goals.
  • Once you purchase this consultation service, I will get in touch with you to schedule our phone call within 2 working days.
  • If you have had complaints or suspension in your current or previous professional roles, please be aware that they may impact your chances of securing a new position in Australia.
  • Do not purchase this service if you have had previous criminal conviction and/or criminal charges against you, as we will not be able to work with you.
  • This is a coaching/consultation service, and not a job placement service.
  • Due to the nature of this service, there is no refund or cancellation for this consultation session once purchased. You can reschedule booked appointments.

Please ensure that you have read and agreed to the full Terms and Conditions of our consultation and coaching services.