Observerships for IMG doctor to Australia | IMG Doctor Jobs in Australia

Observerships for IMG doctor to Australia | IMG Doctor Jobs in Australia

“Where can an IMG doctor apply for an observership after clearing AMC part 1 and IELTS in Australia?”

There is no formal application process for observerships. You’ll need to approach the departments within the hospitals directly. Generally start with healthcare facilities near your residence, but you can apply for observer-ships anywhere as long as you’re willing to move there. Contact the hospital or the department’s administration directly. If you’re unable to get an observership at your local major hospital then you can try your local GP clinics, skin clinics, day surgeries, etc.

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Observerships will be an important part of your transition to become a registered medical practitioner in Australia. Your observership experience will provide you with insights to the Aussie work culture and inner workings of the health care sector. It’ll keep you active and allow you to stay up to date in today’s medicine, while you’re looking for your first job as a doctor in Australia. Most importantly, you’ll be able to establish and form a network with local colleagues, showcase your skills and knowledge in front of potential employers.

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