IMG Moving to Australia Before Securing a Job

IMG Moving to Australia Before Securing a Job

Moving to Australia is an exciting journey, but the entire experience can be overwhelming especially when you add the stress of not knowing when you’ll be able to start your new job. It’s a huge risk to relocate first and then look for a job even when you have a long stay visa. Ideally, you’d secure a position prior to your move, but as life goes that’s not always the case. Personal circumstances don’t always allow us to have the best of both worlds.

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Why do I think it is better to secure a job first? Simply put, peace of mind. Knowing you have secured a job before landing in Australia will help put your mind at ease throughout your relocating process. The job search process can take a long time and the absence of clinical practice can have a negative impact on your medical career; thus hindering your future applications.

What should you do if you’ve moved to Australia and yet to find a job as an IMG? Assuming you’ve done your internship, AMC CAT MCQ part 1 and you have met AHPRA’s English proficiency requirements, then you’ll need to do the following:

  • Apply for jobs
    • Cast a wide search area geographically (all over Australia highly recommended)
    • Cast a wide search for group of specialties and more junior positions; to see which ones you get interviews for
  • Look for observership opportunities at your local clinics, GP practices, and hospitals
  • Be active with your CME (Continuing Medical Education) – Attend Conferences, courses, and workshops
  • Take AMC part 2 clinical assessment. Relocating first does give you the opportunity to take AMC part 2 (clinical); once you pass this, you’d be eligible for provisional registration via the Standard pathway. 

Between having and not having completed AMC clinical part 2, will have little impact to your overall chances of finding a job, which is why it’s highly recommended for you to secure a position prior to moving. Being eligible for provisional registration is more favourable than limited registration for some employers, but IMG having full Aussie work rights is much more attractive. Lastly, it’s important to note that medical internships in Australia are generally not offered to IMGs.

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